BCY Color Chart


Any 2 or 3 piece set $109.99

Any 5 piece set $119 to $125.99

All pricing includes shipping anywhere in the U.S

Pure Perfextion strings and cables are made using the best materials that can be purchased. All strings are built with BCY 452x or the new Trophy Blend, and served with Halo serving as a standard. The strings will also come with a loop and Bowjax pre installed to make your job easier.


All of our strings are built as if they were going on our personal equipment. No matter if you purchase 1 set a year or 5, you will be receiving the same quality every time. We actually install our strings on bows in our pro shop everyday, so we know what it takes to build the perfect string. The process we use to build our strings is unmatched. Our team will stretch the strings in 3 different stages throughout the building process that will eventually hit around 400 Lbs of tension. Because spring stretchers are very inconsistent, we instead use a process we developed called direct drive tension. With direct drive tension, as the material stretches, it will never lose tension. If we are calling for 400 Lbs of tension for 30 minutes, thatís exactly what it will be. All of our serving is installed at under 400 Lbs of tension with an Apple Pro serving machine, all the while keeping the serving tension very tight and consistent, resulting in zero peep rotation. Lastly, before your strings are shipped they will go into a recovery stage for at least 12 hours and then set to spec at 100 Lbs of tension. By doing this, when you receive your strings, they are exactly what you ordered. Most BCY string colors are stocked, but if there is a color you want and we donít have it we will get it!

Warranty Info

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee to the original owner against serving separation and peep rotation. If you experience either of these issues within the 90 day period just give us a call and the problem will be resolved.